Wheel Alignment & Balancing

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Wheel Alignment & Balancing

AAt Ant Auto Body we always ask our customers how their alignment is functioning or when was the last time they balanced their wheels. It’s a common issue that is overlooked but if handled within due time can prevent many headaches and repairs in the future.

For example:

Out-of-alignment conditions occur when the suspension and steering systems are not operating at their desired angles. Out-of-alignment conditions are most often caused by spring sag or suspension wear (ball joints, bushings, etc.) on an older vehicle. They can also be the result of an impact with a pothole or curb, or a change in vehicle ride height (lowered or raised) on any vehicle regardless of age.

Incorrect alignment settings will usually result in more rapid tire wear. Therefore, alignment should be checked whenever new tires or suspension components are installed, and any time unusual tire wear patterns appear. Alignment should also be checked after the vehicle has encountered a major road hazard or curb.

At ANT Auto Body we have the latest in alignment technology for a very affordable price. We do not put a price on safety and your vehicle alignment has a huge factor on how your vehicle performs on the road. Under varying conditions your alignment can be detrimental as many accidents are caused by not properly maintain alignment apart from the reduction in value of all your suspension parts.

Please call ANT Auto Body to schedule your vehicle for an alignment inspection and it just may save you a lot of money and trouble in the future.

Our Promise is Simple. At ANT Auto Body we provide a high standard of workmanship for an affordable price without compromising quality. Call ANT Auto Body today at 416.609.2503 and we would be happy to assist you.


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