Vehicle Diagnostics

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Vehicle Diagnostics

AAt ANT Auto Body, our professinals are continously being trained on the new technologies that are being integrated into cars on a daily basis. Nowadays, vehicles have a minimum of 200 computer related censors, operations, or processes that a regular mechanic would have a hard time diagnosing with out the proper equipment. At ANT Auto Body we are proud to say that we have our very own diagnosing pad. As more and more cars become more computerized, maintaining and monitoring theses technologies must be done by the right equipment and processes. Its really a beautiful art, the joining of mechanical and electroninc parts and many people will never apprehend the marriage.

You can say the specialists at ANT Auto Body are the best marriage councellors in town. Our testing facility can determine all aspects of your vechile, from performace, reliability, safety percoautions and more importanly that your investment is maintianed at the highest level. Please call in advance to make an appoinment for diagnosing your vechile, you will not be disappointed by our report!

Our Promise is Simple. At ANT Auto Body we provide a high standard of workmanship for an affordable price without compromising quality. Call ANT Auto Body today at 416.609.2503 and we would be happy to assist you.


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    An automobile collision is a tramatic experince, ANT Auto Body understands this, which is why we offer the convenience of one-stop shopping. ANT Auto Body not only handles your vehicle repair, but also helps you with your claims process. Let Us take care of your on-site towing, vehicle and insurance claim so you can get back to the other important things in life like your family, health and career.