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Claims Assistance

H Had an accident? Not sure what to do next or who to contact? ANT Auto Body can help. As a provider of full-service claims assistance, we can walk you through every step of the process. This includes everything from your initial claim, to arranging a rental vehicle, to handing over your keys and getting you back into your vehicle again.

You're generally not required to report an accident (to police or a collision centre) if you estimate the total damage (both vehicles) to be under $1,000. This is the most common threshold, but some police authorities have different rules of thumb.

Anything well over that threshold should be reported to the authorites or a collision reporting center near you. At any event, ANT Auto Body will be happy to arrive at the scence to assist you in the next best decision.

Call us after an accident and we will work through an initial accident checklist to make certain that all of the necessary steps are taken to ensure you are protected and your vehicle is looked after. ANT Auto Body will then work with your insurance carrier to ensure your insurance claim will be handled promptly and ethically.

If your insurer recommends a repair shop, keep in mind that an insurance companies “guarantee” is usually the guarantee of the repair shop used. If you are hesitant to use ANT Auto Body over an insurer recommended shop, keep in mind that an insurer cannot require you to use a specific repair shop. ANT Auto Body has been in the Industry for well over two decades of body repair and auto paint shops in the GTA with over hundred thousand cars repaired to perfection under our roof.

Our claims specialists have been through this process and can educate you with their expertise in helping you know exactly who to contact and which steps to take to fasten the repair process and get you back on the road and driving again.

Always Remember to Call ANT Auto Body for the best Advice when resolving a car accident or even somthing less traumatic as a fender bender. Examples such as this article from the Globe and Mail can have you thinking about your first call and who to call TODAY!Read More...

Our Promise is Simple. At ANT Auto Body we provide a high standard of workmanship for an affordable price without compromising quality. Call ANT Auto Body today at 416.609.2503 and we would be happy to assist you.


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    An automobile collision is a tramatic experince, ANT Auto Body understands this, which is why we offer the convenience of one-stop shopping. ANT Auto Body not only handles your vehicle repair, but also helps you with your claims process. Let Us take care of your on-site towing, vehicle and insurance claim so you can get back to the other important things in life like your family, health and career.